Rancher Application
CatalogDocker Compose is a great framework for deploying application stacks, and at Rancher we’ve been working hard to make it possible to leverage that framework to create a catalog of application blueprints that can be repeatably configured and deployed. In this recording of our January 在线会议, we demonstrated the new Catalog feature in Rancher and how to create catalog items. In the meetup we demonstrated: - Using the Rancher catalog to configure, deploy and upgrade an application - Creating a private app catalog linked to a git repo - Best practices for building catalog templates - Inserting application configuration into templates We demonstrated all of this live, and answered dozens of questions about Docker, Rancher, and building application templates. In next month’s meetup we will be demonstrating Rancher’s new support for Kubernetes environments. Registration for that meetup is now available. View the Recording


Building an Application Catalog with Rancher - Jan 2016 Online Meetup from Shannon Williams